Wednesday, August 17, 2011

noof and noel wedding (215 photos), by nefret hanna

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

the blog is MOVING!

I was inspired by this . Holler Al, KT, and Corinne.

This week was full of some serious technological assistance and hours of editing. Who should I thank first? Maya, you are incredibly patient with my picky taste in blog themes. And Corinne, thank you for inspiring me, being a technological genius, and for teaching me all I know about blogging and computers.

Bookmark it, follow it, google reader it, do what you gotta do.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yes, I am Egyptian

And like most Americans, I have been following the riots. And ike most Egyptians and Americans, I am very concerned. My information doesn't come from anywhere special... I read tweets, BBC, and listen to my mother's opinion, but when Carrie Badanes asked me a couple questions about the situation in my "homeland", I thought it approriate to share with the general internet public who reads my blog, you, what we think over here in the Stringham household. Simon is also an Egyptian-American, and you better believe he has an opinion too. He has been cranky lately, and I am attributing that to Egypt's unrest.

Until he learns how to share his opinion in English (or arabic),

1. Explain in two sentences why the people are rising up against Mubarak after 30 years. Speak simply.

A corrupt government that rigs elections and steals money obviously causes a high unemployment rate, and with that, a great amount of unrest. Tunisia started it, the Egyptian community saw their window, and thanks to social media and the unifying ability of the internet, it is finally happening.

2. As An Egyptian-American, what would you like to see for Egypt in the next 18 months?

I would like to see a fair democracy. I have no idea how one does that, and I think the word democrary is overused. How about just a fair government with an ability to help the people rather than harm them? I think I am too much of an idealist to answer this question. Pass.

3. If you were a solider in the Egyptian army, which national monument would you want to protect and why?

The mummies. Duh.

The security at the Cairo Museum has always been weak to say the least. Apparently precious items get stolen out of their basement all the time. Now that there is rioting, I hope they are stepping up their game with security. Save the mummies! Who knows what would happen to those guys when they hit some Cairo oxygen. Yikes. I am pretty sure they would instantly disintegrate.

Is my blog becoming political? I need to stick to a theme here.

Monday, January 31, 2011

what is wrong with this picture?

My grandfather always used to say that nobody learned geography anymore. I didn't think it would come to this....
(thank you, Maya, for pointing this out to me.)

Thank goodness Simon has a map in his room...let the education begin!

Friday, January 28, 2011

the usual evening conversation

Simon loves these pjs. or maybe Noel and I just love them.

In case you couldn't get a good look at them...

Noof: Simon, is Snugglestown in Virginia? I am just wondering, because there is an arrow on your shirt, and it makes me think it is nearby.

Noel: It is in between Crankyville and Happytown.

Noof: NO. You are wrong. It is near Stinkybuttville.

Noel: It is pointing east. It is near the coast.

Noof: Like close to VA beach?

Noel: Yea, probably.

Noof: Let's just say it's near Cutebabytown. or Babysarethebombville.

Noel: Alright. Whatever. (Walks off to make salad for dinner).

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

simon's new crib (not literally)

Simon has graduated to his very own nook of the living room. Due to our limited space, the play mat only goes to the letter P.
I figure once he learns the alphabet, we will rotate the other letters in.

It seems though that he would rather eat his fist than play with his toys anyways.

trendy baby

someone is sporting some new vans.

(i know, i know, we are working on his facial expressions...he has a perma shocked/deer in headlights look. I believe he is just shocked by how awesome his life is. )

he is actually going to skateboard to daycare today.
thanks corinne. simon has never been so trendy.